Our Story

Lili & B was founded on the guiding principal of benefits based on natural ingredients and the positive effects of those ingredients on the body and mind.

We hope you enjoy our candles and they bring the luxury, aroma and sensations of far flung destinations to your home.


All our products are handmade by us so we know exactly what is going into it, and more importantly, what is not.

Natural Coconut Rapeseed Candles

The reason we use coconut and rapeseed wax is they are both sustainable, natural and vegan. They've got a slow clean burn and has a superior scent throw.

Our candles are scented with natural therapeutic-grade essential oils and nothing else. Our candles are free of artificial fragrances and paraffins.


We care about you and we care about our planet. We are committed to sustainable and minimal packaging. We source from sustainable suppliers and our packaging is fully recyclable/reusable.